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We are a full service custom picture frame shop specializing in conservation framing materials.  We feature thousands of moulding options from hand carved gold leaf frames to  simple and affordable poster frames.  We have a vast array of matting, including hand wrapped fabric mats and custom lettering and designs.  Please stop by, check out our selection and get inspired!



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Aaron Becker giclees

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Hope and Feathers Framing is delighted to be selling Aaron Becker's amazing wordless book Journey here in the shop. Along with signed copies of the book we also have these three limited edition giclees. We also have fantastic little mini giclees. If you are local or want to get one of Aaron's pieces framed, come into the store or give us a call. If you just want an unframed print shipped to you, you can do so from Aaron's website here.

This month in the gallery


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From Top Left: Nicole Daviau, Mary Carroll, Sharon McCartney, Bobbie Salthouse, Lynne Adams, & Andrea  Zax

Four years ago several artists formed a group to share work, ideas and inspirations. Each of them was looking for a way to temper the isolation of working as independent artists; they wanted community.

Initially, they were struck by the fact that their styles and points of view seemed to have little in common. A wide variety of mediums and approaches were presented at their meetings. Some worked with paint, others with textiles, still others with hard materials. Some created small and intimate pieces, some painted large canvases, and others worked on bold, public installations or wearable art. Despite these differences, each of them was dedicated to producing art on a regular basis and was eager to take in the thoughts and suggestions of the group.

They soon realized that what brought them together was that they had all had made a conscious decision to live in the Pioneer Valley and to embrace its slower pace and natural surroundings. The artists began to appreciate that the natural world maintained a strong presence in all of their work. Over time the six of them began to recognize other similarities in their work such as the choice of subject, interest in surface textures and use of found objects to inspire and enrich their pieces. By meeting together and sharing ideas they have influenced and inspired one another along this path.

When the six artists first came up with the idea of a show to be centered around the concept of Sticks and Stones, they thought it simply reflected a fun coincidence that they had found among a lot of their pieces. However, the concept developed a deeper metaphor for the impact they have had on each other. And so they present Sticks and Stones to celebrate all the ways that natural objects have worked their way into the content, materials, and intent of their art. The goal is for the viewer to revel in the ways that their works both represent the individual artist and also how they come together as a collective.

Upcoming Events


Photography by Steve Eagle

 August 6 - September 1, 2014

Above Image: DAR State Forest, Goshen MA. 14”x21”

Steve Eagle has a focus on portraying the best of any given scene. With a background in short animated films, Eagle’s experience includes combining single frames into a continuous moving image. Now focusing his attention on photography, he still incorporates the spirit of animation by compositing several photographs together to produce a single, “ideal” image.

Spending time in the city during the week, Eagle retreats to the Amherst area on weekends and finds much of his inspiration in the countryside of Western Mass. In good weather he goes out with his camera to explore the places where land and water meet, visiting locations like Puffers Pond, Fort River and the Connecticut River. He finds the patterns and reflections of the surface of water to be compelling. When selecting the subject matter for his photographs, Eagle considers the sky, the horizon, the ground, and the feeling of the water.

After choosing a subject, he then takes hundreds of separate photographs - each from a slightly different angle. The images are then blended together, similar to the frames of an animated film. This process allows Eagle to control and adjust the composition, colors, textures and level of details of the final image to create something at once immediately recognizable, yet uniquely special.


Art Walk Opening:  Thursday, August 7, 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Artists’ Reception:  Saturday, August 9, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.




Northampton MA Custom Framing, South Hadley Custom Fram Shop, Deerfield MA Custom Frames
Next Art Walk: August 7, 2014 5-8PM